About Our School


Unus Campus is one of many Cottage Schools in Pretoria, a Primary School situated in Doornpoort (opened in January 2019).

Our school cater for students and their unique abilities… Because every child is unique in their own way! 

We strive to take our students to where they should be, in their own unique way, in order for them to have a sustainable future for themselves. Our believe is that every child has the capability to excel in his or her potential and we walk with our students, hand in hand, from the early stages of their educational journey and empower them from a young age.


  • What does ‘Unus’ stand for and how was it born?

The word ‘Unus’ means unique. Tania Lűtz, founder and owner of the school walked a unique journey with her son. Her son was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder); she felt the need to help him and started to equip herself with knowledge on how to assist students with learning challenge. She studied and did some research in order to help her son cope with his academic schooling. After various interventions from herself and other parties she can now say that he has gone from being a 20% student to a 90% student. She had a dream to start a cottage school that empowers students in their own unique way.


  • What makes Unus Campus unique?

Unus campus is unique not only in service delivery, but also in the mindset of the well trained staff. Each staff member is trained to change their mindset from a ‘traditional’ sense of schooling to a mindset of empowerment so that each student can live up to their full potential.


  • How do we do that / what do we offer?

  • Together as a school we kick start our day with some mindfulness activities before going to class.
  • a Chill out space, where students can go and relax during the day if they get a bit overwhelmed… Because everyone needs some personal space!
  • We offer inclusive education based on the facilities currently available. We cater for mainstream students as well as students with learning, emotional and / or mild behavioural challenges and include them in the same class. Classes are therefore a maximum of 15 students per class in order for us to give unique attention to all our students. Our aim is to have assistant teachers in each class.
  • We have a Unus Student Support Department which strives to assist the students through differentiated support programs to cope in a mainstream school and to be part of society. The Unus Student Support Department will be aimed at working with the student, parents and teachers on a regular basis when enrolled in a program. The need for support will come from either the parents’ or teachers’ request. Each unique program has its own duration and intensity and regular contact and feedback between the parents and the facilitators in the Department will take place.
  • Sports on a daily basis.
  • a Tuck shop where students can buy snacks or order lunch for break time.
  • Homework classes – optional to parents, but included in the school day. This is run by the aftercare staff, to reduce the stress of homework at home.
  • We bring in some fun interactive German lessons during the school day to celebrate Tania Lűtz’s German heritage.
  • Our curriculum will incorporate practical skills lessons such as gardening, creative arts, cooking, dance etc. All of which are linked to different subjects.
  • We are a Dual Medium School, we offer Afrikaans and English classes for Grade R to Grade 3. We then switch over to English from Grade 4 onward, still allowing students to interact and solve problems in their home language, to make the transition easier. 


  • Which Grades are taught?

Grade RR – Grade 7. Class size: 15 students per class (4 classes per Grade).

Our School Mission

Recognize, shape and develop each learner’s uniqueness and character.

Raise awareness for physical and emotional well-being by encouraging sport and/or culture on a daily basis.

Vision for our Students

Our vision is not only to empower each learner academically in the classroom, but also to make them emotionally intelligent, socially skilled and to enhance their physical skills. We strive to make each student feel part of a family and have a sense of self-confidence in one or more area/s.

What’s Our Future Vision

Grow in order to take our Grade 7 learners to Grade 8 in either an academic educational journey or practical skills journey and incorporating a curriculum that would be best suitable for that.

Expose staff to training in Germany to gain insight and knowledge about various skills and education and bring it back to Unus Campus.

What We Value

  • We strive to instill these core values in each unique student:
  • Family – A sense of belonging and a caring attitude towards friends and teachers.
  • Religion – A foundation built on Christian values, but still tolerating and respecting other religions.
  • Responsibility – We perform our duties to the best of our abilities and are able to be held accountable for our actions.
  • Respect – Appreciation, devotions and love towards our friends, teachers and nature.
  • Independence – To develop and grow in to unique adults.
  • Pride – To feel happy and satisfied towards our school, friends and teachers.
  • Honesty – To be true to ourselves and others and to always seek the truth and be sincere in everything we do.
  • Citizenship – To be helpful and willing to assist where we can both at school and in our community.

School Times & Term Dates


School opens: 7:30 and ends 15:00 (Homework and Sport included).

Fridays School ends – 14:00.

Term 1:

16 January 2019 – 20 March 2019

Term 2:

9 April 2019 – 21 June 2019

Term 3:

 16 July 2019 – 20 September 2019

Term 4:

8 October 2019 – 6 December 2019

Why Unus Campus?



We empower our teachers to think out of the box and to facilitate teaching on the student’s level, whilst following the CAPS curriculum and reaching the necessary outcomes.

We empower our teachers to be proactive and sensitive to each learner’s individual needs.

We empower our teachers to be sensitive to the needs of each learner and to create a sense of ‘family’ on the campus.